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Happy October, readers! How has another month passed already? I feel like September was just here. The good news is that, unlike last month, I actually have news to share!

What I’m Writing

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You know that part at the end of The Return of the King movie where Frodo is outside Mount Doom, covered in filth, lava flowing behind him, and gasps, “It’s done!”? That sums up my feelings as I’m finally nearing the end of drafting Dusk Shall Weep. As I prepare to send a draft to beta readers, I can’t help but think how every book is a difficult journey, but this one truly challenged my creativity and skill. There were days when the ideas wouldn’t come, the characters wouldn’t speak, and frankly, the entire plot seemed like rubbish. Thankfully, I have wonderful author friends who convinced me otherwise and showed me how to get back on track. As Frodo says to Sam, “I’m glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things.” 

My Current Inspiration


This month, I also received news that made my history-and-genealogy-loving heart happy. I am now an official member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a national service organization whose members are descended from American Revolutionary War veterans. Their projects are multi-faceted, but mainly focus on historical preservation, education, and patriotism within Christian fellowship. My revolutionary ancestor, John Brown III, has an interesting story too:

As soon as the revolution began, Captain Brown joined the New York continental army and fought from May to September 1776. Unfortunately, an epidemic struck the military camp, ending his life at only 47 years old. He left behind nine children, including five-year-old Owen Brown. Owen would later father John Brown, the famous/infamous abolitionist of the raid on Harper’s Ferry in 1859. Although the raid itself – and John’s subsequent execution for treason – has remained controversial, the event is nevertheless also considered a turning point in United States history.

What interesting stories does your family history hold? I would love to hear them!

Bookstagram Gratitude Giveaway

In October, I hit a major milestone on Instagram of 500 followers. As any author will tell you, marketing is hard and social media platforms are always changing. I don’t have a lot of time in my busy schedule, so I’ve been focusing most of my energy on my newsletter first, Instagram second, and Facebook third. My best book updates are found in that order too.

Interesting note: In addition to the 500, I also kept track of how many more followers I blocked as bots/bit coin girls/fake charity cases/con artists/creepy dudes and those “nice single dads just trying to find a Christian girl and settle down” (Uh, huh, sure.) In 27 days, there were 127. Isn’t that crazy?

To say thank you to my real followers, I’m hosting a Bookstagram Gratitude Giveaway on my Instagram page from November 1-15. See below for a sneak peek.


Items included:

3 PaperbacksUntil We All Find Home by Heather Wood (American Civil War), Broken Lines by Kelsey Gietl (World War I), & The One Who Got Away by Tara Grace Ericson (Contemporary)

4 Items from Just Love Prints – “Jesus Holds My Every Moment” note card, “Whatever God Wants” quote card, “To the Heights” temporary tattoos, & “God’s Plans” dishwasher safe sticker

Of course, if you can’t wait for the giveaway, copies of my books can also be purchased below or requested from your local library. 🙂

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Released in October

Need another read? Here are the October releases I’m excited about:

  1. What Remains When Flowers Fade by B.R. Goodwin – Christian Dystopian Thriller
  2. Keeping Christmas by Various Authors – An anthology filled with Christmas, castles, and happily ever afters.
  3. The Heart of Everton Inn by Claire Kohler – Historical Scottish Fantasy
  4. Markmaker by Mary Jessica Woods – Artistry meets political rebellion on an alien world
  5. The Premonition at Withers Farm by Jamie Jo Wright – Dual-time murder mysteries with a creepy edge

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