Special Honors, Launch Team Signups, and Seattle

Happy January, readers! I don’t know about you, but my post-Christmas to-be-read list is much larger and I may have pre-ordered one too many books. I find pre-orders to be fun as you have to actually wait for them, and it makes delivery day more special. It’s kind of like Christmas all over again. AndContinue reading “Special Honors, Launch Team Signups, and Seattle”

The Best of 2022

Happy December, readers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I enjoyed some much-needed time with family, eating good food, playing games, and celebrating the birth of our Lord. Like much of the country it seems, we were also surprised with snow and -25 wind chill temps shortly before Christmas day. This weekend,Continue reading “The Best of 2022”

Cover Reveal and Pre-order!

Happy November, readers! I know I usually send my newsletter on the last Friday of the month, but this month, the last Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving. I certainly hope you have better things to do than check your email, so I’m sending my news early. And it’s definitely news you don’t wantContinue reading “Cover Reveal and Pre-order!”

My Controversial Ancestor and a Bookstagram Giveaway

Happy October, readers! How has another month passed already? I feel like September was just here. The good news is that, unlike last month, I actually have news to share! What I’m Writing You know that part at the end of The Return of the King movie where Frodo is outside Mount Doom, covered in filth,Continue reading “My Controversial Ancestor and a Bookstagram Giveaway”

Pricing Deals and Errors at Amazon

Hello, readers! You may have noticed recent price increases for many independently published paperbacks on Amazon, including For a Noble Purpose. No, authors are not suddenly raising their prices. Rather, Amazon’s customer service informed me that a “widespread technical issue” is causing these price increases and unfortunately, a resolution date is not available. I understandContinue reading “Pricing Deals and Errors at Amazon”