There’s nothing like escaping between the pages of a good book, especially with characters who feel like friends. Combining Christian faith, family, and lessons from our past, my books provide inspirational stories of hope, redemption, and realistic romance.

Ready to find your next historical fiction read?

From Edwardian England to The Great War to the American Frontier, there’s a story waiting for you.

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What if your worst curse could also be your greatest gift?

Would you take the chance to leave the past behind?

Larksong Legacy – Book 2 Available May 2, 2023

In a world torn by war, taking sides can be a matter of survival.

But which side do you choose when your allegience belongs to both?

War Across Waters – Full Series Available Now

Time always changes things…often unexpectedly.

Is it too late to change the course set in motion?

Over the Atlantic – Full Series Available Now