There’s nothing like escaping between the pages of a good book, especially with characters who feel like friends. Combining Christian faith, family, and lessons from our past, my books provide inspirational stories of hope, redemption, and realistic romance.

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From Edwardian England to The Great War to the American Frontier, there’s a story waiting for you.

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What if your worst curse could also be your greatest gift?

Would you take the chance to leave the past behind?

1852 – Oregon Trail to Washington Territory

As a Missouri plantation owner’s daughter, Sarah Walcott has always experienced the best society has to offer, yet her charmed life also carries unexplainable tragedy. She’s been widowed six times, always on her wedding day. When a seventh husband meets the same fate, her parents determine to send her to an asylum, where she can no longer be a burden to them or a danger to society. In desperation, Sarah joins the Larksong wagon train on their way to the West and soon learns that her saviors also harbor extraordinary gifts…ones that may finally bring her the answers she needs.

Anxious to be free from a family legacy he would rather not claim and a slave-built society he doesn’t support, Tobias Lark believes the only way to find his perfect town is to create it himself. Joined by his three brothers, he sets out for the Washington Territory with a collection of carefully curated supporters, all determined to build a new life in the West. When a young plantation widow unexpectedly joins their party, he fears the curse she carries will crack the solid foundation upon which all his plans are built.

With each step along the trail, Tobias and Sarah encounter hardships that test their resilience and threaten the idyllic life they’re searching for. Will they stand together in the face of adversity or is the community of Larksong just another unobtainable fantasy?

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In a world torn by war, taking sides can be a matter of survival.

But which side do you choose when your allegience belongs to both?

War Across Waters – Full Series Available Now

Time always changes things…often unexpectedly.

Is it too late to change the course set in motion?

Over the Atlantic – Full Series Available Now