Broken Lines

War Across Waters Book 1

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Title: Broken Lines

Author: Kelsey Gietl

ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-9991105-5-3

ISBN (eBook): 978-0-9991105-6-0

LOC Control Number: 2020904591

Publisher: Purple Mask Publishing

Date of Publication: August 29, 2020

Number of Pages: 358

About the Story

With the threat of the Great War looming at America’s doorstep, fear of immigrant disloyalty has become enough to divide the nation. So when German-born Amara Müller’s brother decides to join the fight, he leaves her behind in St. Louis with one final directive: Stay safe. There’s only one certain way to keep herself out of suspicion’s spotlight, but will she have the courage to see it through?

Accustomed to a strict diet of cigars and spirits, Emil Kisch has become the master of a worry-free good time. And as one of St. Louis’s best morality squad detectives, he’s able to skirt the drinking laws as easily as he arrests others for breaking them. To him, war is a problem for other men. Until one night he makes a mistake that even a glass of whiskey can’t wash away. Is it too late to reverse the course set in motion?

As their lives are intertwined with the fate of the war, Emil and Amara must fight to save what they both hold most dear. But which side of the line do you stand on when your allegiance belongs to both?

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Praise for Broken Lines

“Kelsey Gietl takes a very real and heartbreaking epoch from our nation’s past and gives it faces, names, struggles, and seemingly impossible decisions. Both the Great War and the plight of German-Americans in it are long overdue attention in our nation’s stories, and in Broken Lines, Gietl delivers a satisfying read that is never preachy, never political, never pushy, yet touches the deep questions of faith, patriotism, and how to face your own fears and others’ prejudices. … Gietl’s writing really shines as she brings to life the mistrust, violence, and discrimination that German-Americans faced under Wilson’s war.”

~ Jennifer Q. Hunt, author of Some Through the Fire. (Read the full review here.)

“A compelling story, with an intriguing plot and well-drawn-out characters. Gietl employs some lovely turns of phrase and leaves her reader wanting more at the end.”

~ Susie Murphy, author of A Class Forsaken

“Gietl excels at writing romantic banter between the characters. The story of Amara and Emil pulls the reader in and keeps them turning the page to find out what happens next. Readers of historical fiction and historical romance will savor this wartime romance told with flare.”

~ Jenny Knipfer, author of Silver Moon. (Read the full review here.)

“Kelsey Gietl is a ‘go to’ author for me and Broken Lines did not disappoint. I found myself instantly immersed in the lives of the characters, the setting, and the time period. A beautiful story woven deeply with the realities of life in 1917 St. Louis.”

~ Tanya E. Williams, author of All That Was

“Emil and Amara’s journey is intense with action and filled with secrets. If you like books where characters have a chance at redemption this one is for you.”

~ Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, author of A Bride’s Journey to the Colorado Territory. (Read the full review here.)

“This love story is not all rainbows and sunshine but it is definitely a journey of faith and redemption. The topic of alcoholism, domestic abuse and infertility are brought to light but Kelsey does an amazing job at bringing those topics forth in the story with grace.”

~ Musings of a Sassy Bookish Mama Blog. (Read the full review here.)

“Broken Lines is an epic tale of heartache, pain, and the search for love. It’s the type of story that wraps itself around your heart and won’t let go, even when you feel the same heartbreak as the characters. Because of that, it is not a light read (with trigger warnings for alcohol and domestic abuse as well as women’s health issues). While it is not particularly action intense, it is definitely emotionally intense. Especially toward the end. … I love Emil and Amara and if they appear in previous books or the next one, those are books I definitely want to read.”

~ Danielle’s Writing Spot Blog. (Read the full review here.)

“Characters are humanized and layered, and an ending that will make you need book 2 ASAP.”

~the.enchanted.library, Instagram