Unsettled Shores

War Across Waters Book 2

*Note: Although this is second in a series, it may be read as a standalone novel.*

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Title: Unsettled Shores

Author: Kelsey Gietl

ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-9991105-7-7

ISBN (eBook): 978-0-9991105-8-4

LOC Control Number: 2021902757

Publisher: Purple Mask Publishing

Date of Publication: May 15, 2021

Number of Pages: 334

About the Story

Strangers separated by an ocean, drawn together by a clandestine letter. One desperate summons could seal their future … and the fate of the war.

Weary from London’s air raids and the loss of her father at the Battle of the Somme, Josie Harrington wonders if The Great War will ever end. Determined to bring  hope to her country’s bleak existence, she joins an underground postal service, delivering soldiers’ letters in order to avoid censorship on both sides of the line.

After being driven from their home under false accusations, German-American Amara Kisch has finally found peace with her new husband, Emil. But when she receives a desperate letter from her brother fighting overseas, it turns her quiet life upside down and leaves her with more fears than assurances. 

As Amara sets out to learn the truth about her brother, she finds herself drawn into Josie’s secret world, discovering that sometimes the most difficult battles are the ones fought within yourself.

From the outskirts of New York to the air-raided streets of London, from the French countryside to its German-occupied villages, Unsettled Shores is a story of love, redemption, and the enduring power of hope.

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Praise for Unsettled Shores

“A powerful story of love and perseverance set against the backdrop of of 1917 Europe, Unsettled Shores is a beautifully written account of wartime life. Gietl weaves together historical accuracy with a page-turning narrative. Perfect for readers who love the nostalgia of times gone by, but with themes all too relevant today: loyalty, bravery, and the enduring hold of family.”

~ Jennifer Craven, author of All That Shines and Whispers

“Gietl has crafted a novel to sink your teeth into.” ~ Jenny Knipfer, author of Silver Moon

“This must read novel is sure to become one of your all time favorites. I loved this story so much and the author’s writing style that she is now on my auto buy list.”

~ Page Turners Blog

“A captivating and surprising read. I did not expect to love this book as much as I did … By the last few chapters, it was really hard to walk away from.”

~ readingthroughnaptime, Instagram

“Do you ever finish a book and then just wonder what book could ever possibly compare to the one you just finished? Yes, that was how I felt when I finished Unsettled Shores.”

~ paper_trail_adventures, Instagram

“I cannot get over my love for these characters. They are just so honest and layered and real!”

~ the.enchanted.library, Instagram

“The characters in Unsettled Shores grapple with deep, sometimes unresolvable questions brought on by the war and its suffering. … I loved the theme of “overcome evil with good.” Though they cannot stop the huge evil of the war, Amara, Emil, Peter, and Josie each find a way that they are able to do good to counteract the suffering and despair all around, and in the process find purpose and healing for themselves.”

~ Jennifer Q. Hunt, author of In the Night Season