Across Oceans

Over the Atlantic Book 1

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Title: Across Oceans

Author: Kelsey Gietl

ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-9991105-0-8

ISBN (eBook): 978-0-9991105-1-5

LOC Control Number: 2017946464

Publisher: Purple Mask Publishing

Date of Publication: August 10, 2017

Number of Pages: 363

About the Story

Three years after his sister’s death, Reuben Radford’s once idyllic family is crumbling. Between his mother’s madness, his father’s criticism, and persecution by his own guilty conscience, the future has never seemed more bleak. He needs an escape. But who can he trust when the secret he carries is trying to destroy his very self?

The daughter of esteemed English upbringing, Maggie Archer has spent life dreading family obligations, no more so than the day her mother insists she select a prestigious husband. Except Maggie has lived with the effects of her parents’ own loveless marriage for too long. She vows never to lose her heart in the same way, but is she prepared for how much that promise may ultimately cost her?

When Reuben and Maggie’s paths unexpectedly collide, circumstance takes them on a voyage that forever changes their futures – and themselves. Will their choices set them free or will one reckless decision send them both down with the ship?

*Author’s Note – Although the content in this novel is considered clean fiction and is non-explicit, the story does contain a higher level of mature thematic discussion than in subsequent novels. The storyline, while inspirational, is not specifically Christian-based.*

Praise for Across Oceans

“A beautifully crafted novel. One I would recommend to any historical fiction reader.”

~ Tanya E. Williams, author of A Man Called Smith

“A great read. I was happy with the development of the characters, and the plot kept me reading … I look forward to more from this author!”

~ Heather Manning, author of the Ladies of the Caribbean series

“A delight for those who love historical fiction.”

~ Flo, Book Nerds Across America

“I don’t normally read historical fiction, but I downloaded this book to read on a long flight. A great read! Kept my interest from the very beginning. I was really engaged with the characters and enjoyed the twists and turns. Can’t wait for the next book from this author.”

~ Denise, Customer Review

“I really enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end!! The descriptions were so vivid that I felt like I was back in time with the characters.”

~ Amy, Customer Review

“I typically don’t read novels of this type but found this one very enjoyable. The story takes you along with the characters as they grow in their relationships. It is more than a relationship story with the backgrounds of the characters offering the mystery. Each chapter builds upon the previous so that the reader continues to wonder what will happen next and finally the “now I get it” moment. You will also get some great laughs as the author inserts humorous dialogue.”

~ Anonymous, Customer Review