Dusk Shall Weep

Larksong Legacy Book 2

Available Worldwide – May 2, 2023

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Title: Dusk Shall Weep

Author: Kelsey Gietl

ISBN (Paperback): 979-8-9856744-2-2

ISBN (eBook): 979-8-9856744-1-5

LOC Control Number: TBD

Publisher: Purple Mask Publishing

Date of Publication: May 2, 2023

Number of Pages: 285

About the Story

Only in the darkness can you see the light...

Six months after traveling the trail to Washington Territory, the town of Larksong hasn’t become the utopia the Lark Family imagined. Instead, it’s falling apart, much like recently-widowed Coraline Shay’s life. Due to a degenerative eye disease, her vision is quickly failing. Once she goes completely blind, rather than helping to build Larksong, she’ll become a burden on her already disgruntled sister. To protect them both, Coraline swallows her guilt and devises a plan to trap an honorable man into marriage. Luckily, her chosen target doesn’t believe in divorce.

Jamison Lark always felt called to be a priest, until family obligation drove him west to Washington. He uses his unique Gift as a physician to help the people of Larksong, but his contributions never feel like enough. He can’t shake guilt over his failures, especially the death of his friend Oliver on the trail. When Oliver’s widow professes unexpected affections for him, Jamison’s own feelings for her are overshadowed by his doubts. For the first time, he faces a test of faith he’s not sure he has the strength to pass.

When word arrives of war being waged between the native tribes and the United States Government in nearby Seattle, Coraline and Jamison face challenges which threaten to tear them apart for good. Could this be the end of everything they love, or are their fractured lives more extraordinary than they ever imagined?

Praise for Dusk Shall Weep

“Hit me in a very deep way concerning faith, the power of prayer and ultimately walking in trust with Jesus. Whew! What an experience you have given me in the characters of Jamison and Cora.”

~ Mindy S.

“Engaging and kept me reading hungrily. I was sad to see it end.”

~ Tabitha on Goodreads

“This book has it all, from struggles to victories, arguments to resolutions, failing love to rekindled flames. Kelsey doesn’t shy away from the raw truth of how difficult it was to forge a life on the early frontier and has written a heart-touching novel that shows love is worth fighting for, even when one doesn’t feel any in return.”

~ B.M. Baker, author of the Melody of Love series

“Draws you in immediately and keeps you guessing throughout with the just perfect mix of romance too!”

~ @danielledyannabril on Instagram

“At one climatic moment, I stood in my kitchen with tears streaming down my face. The characters’ heartache had become my own, making their eventual triumph that much sweeter.”

~ Jennifer Q. Hunt, author of Through Thorny Ways

“She deals with the struggles and suffering of life on the frontier, as well as the tenuous relations with the native residents, and the unique nightmare of blindness with grace and skill.”

~ Sarah Everest, editor of B-17: Voices of the Air