July Newsletter – Broken Lines Now Available in Paperback!

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? My apologies with missing out on the June newsletter. Between having the kids home full-time for summer (no camps this year) and the goings on of the world, life simply got away from me. I continue to pray for all my readers that these past months have found you healthy and safe and the coming months will be kind to you.

Latest News

BL Now Available Post

Yes, you read that correctly. Due to popular demand, Broken Lines is now available in paperback! Over the past months, I’ve had so many of you ask me why I don’t have a pre-order available for paperbacks. The short answer was that I print my paperbacks through Amazon’s KDP platform and they do not currently offer a paperback pre-order option. I was going to wait until August 29 to release both versions, but managed to finish my final edits sooner than expected. Therefore, per reader request, the paperback edition of Broken Lines is now available for purchase worldwide! Get your copy at the links below, order via your local independent bookstore, or request a library purchase.

Barnes & Noble (U.S.A. Only)

Amazon U.S.A.

Amazon Canada

Amazon U.K.

Amazon Germany

The ebook version of the Broken Lines can also still be pre-ordered through the links above or through all other major ebook retailers via this link: Pre-Order Now.  The file will be sent directly to your device on August 29.

It also appears that due to COVID, I will not be able to have an in-person signing on publication day, August 29. Hopefully there will still be one before the end of 2020 though!


Recommended Reads

Between finishing edits for Broken Lines and outlining for its sequel, Unsettled Shores, this month was busy on the writing front, which left little time for reading. I did, however, have the privilege of beta reading Tanya E. Williams’s upcoming book, All That Was, which will be released on October 20, 2020. This novel, which I’m dubbing contemporary women’s literature with a historical flair, involves two women, one who can’t confront her ghosts in the present and an actual ghost who can’t let go of the past. Through an old church and a box of diaries, the two women discover all they are through all that was. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and can’t wait to share more information when it becomes available.

And just to give you a taste of what else I’ve picked up for, as Hermione Granger might say, “a bit of light reading,” here is my current research pile for Unsettled Shores. I’m starting out with more broad research on the second half of World War I, then narrowing down to individual topics in order to round out the details. From New York to London to provincial France, I’m so looking forward to crafting the second half of the Broken Lines story for you!


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Need a copy of any of the books? All three can be read on their own on in order of publication. Click the photo below to grab your copy!


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May Newsletter – New Release Date!

Whew, another month has passed in our crazy world, and it seemed as busy as ever. As always, I continue to pray that this newsletter finds you and your families well.

Latest News

Broken Lines Cover - Final 4-25-2020 ebookLast month I mentioned how the proof copy of Broken Lines didn’t print exactly as I expected, requiring some additional color manipulations. In the process of doing so, however, I came across another version of my cover model that I felt fit the book’s main character even better. After swapping out the main photograph, touching up the background, and lightening the color, I now have the end result you see here. I hope you like the updates as much as I do.

In even more exciting news, Broken Lines has a new worldwide release date of August 29, 2020! The first book in the War Across Waters duology can be pre-ordered through all major ebook retailers via this link: Pre-Order Now. It will also be available in paperback format both online and (hopefully) at an in-person launch party. More details to come.

And for those of you who prefer not to purchase paperbacks through Amazon, I have good news. I recently upgraded all of my novels to Expanded Distribution, making it possible to purchase Across Oceans and Twisted River in paperback from Barnes & Noble online, order through independent bookstores, and request for purchase from your local library.

Recommended Reads

AndieNewton2One of the key questions authors often ask while marketing is, “How effective is social media at drawing in new readers?” Well, for me, I would say highly effective. Andie Newton is one of several authors I have purchased books from after following them on social media and luckily, her novel was worth taking a chance on.

The Girl I Left Behind tells the story of Ella Strauss, a young woman who works as a secretary for the Nazi government all the while stealing secrets in hopes of helping the resistance and saving her captured friend. At its heart, it’s both a spy novel and a coming of age story, and certainly an emotional read, especially at the end. Ella very much leaves her girlhood behind, trusting the best – and worst – people of her country in pursuit of what she believes to be right, even while the world around her tells a different story. Many of the World War II novels I’ve read lately have focused on British or American spies, so it was intriguing to read a novel that focused on Germans  instead, especially when they would have been raised from children to believe everything the Nazi party proclaimed as truth. My only complaint was I felt a few characters’ stories were left slightly open-ended, although I know that is one of the unfortunate realities of war – sometimes not knowing where people ended up. I’m hoping though that perhaps it actually means a sequel is forthcoming? (*Hint, hint, Ms. Newton.)

For more information on Andie’s books, visit: https://www.andienewton.com/

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Read it? Loved it? Tell others by writing a review!

Need a copy of either book in the Over the Atlantic duology? Click the photo below.Website Books

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April Newsletter – Writing in the time of Coronavirus

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and surviving our current “normal.” Please know that you are all in my prayers during this trying time. In particular, I thank God for all those on the front lines, putting their own lives at risk to ensure that we stay healthy and safe. Now that my own family is more into the groove of managing work, school, and a pandemic, I’ve had a little more time for writing.

Latest News

First thing’s first. Tomorrow, April 25, was supposed to be the official launch date for Broken Lines before Coronavirus swept in and changed plans. I’m still providing the first two chapters in a sneak peek sent directly to my email newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you can still do so today.

The paperback proof of Broken Lines arrived yesterday and well, the colors aren’t quite what I expected. Unfortunately, that tends to happen when the digital file is converted to ink on paper. In fact, I had to adjust the coloring for Twisted River three times before I landed on the correct combination. So, it’s back to Photoshop until I get this one right too. And speaking of ways to stay in the know, I’ve now joined Instagram. Make sure to follow me over there for updates, book recommendations, and more.

Lastly, I had a particularly productive month and finished my detailed outline for War Across Waters Book 2: Unsettled Shores. I’m super excited about the unexpected twists the plot line is taking and also a bit overwhelmed as they require a lot more research than I anticipated. So, that stack of library books I said I checked out last month? Well, that’s only going to be a drop in the ocean of information I need to learn. To give you a taste, my currently compiled list includes topics such as treatment of war-inflicted injuries, convalescent homes, spy rings, French culture, and WW1 German occupation.

Recommended Reads

71-29nCUOMLI had been looking forward to reading Veiled in Smoke ever since I saw the cover last fall. From the rose and grey colors to the woman’s gown to the smoke swirls encasing the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire, it’s a perfectly lovely combination. The story surrounds Meg and Sylvia Townsend, two Chicago bookshop owners whose father returned from the Civil War suffering from “soldier’s heart,” a 19th century version of PTSD. When fire sweeps through the city, he mistakes the resulting chaos for rebel invaders and, memory compromised, wakes the next morning accused of murder and locked in the city asylum. It’s now up to his daughters to discover what really happened the night of the fire and save their family from the ashes.

This is a wonderful intriguing book both inside and out. All of the characters were interesting in their own right, with the two sisters being distinct from each other, even though their day to day situations were often the same. The author transported me to several fantastic historical locations whose details painted a vivid picture without overloading the senses. One detail in particular that I liked was her accurate use of spectacles worn by the newspaper reporter, Nate. It may seem like a silly observation, but if you wear glasses, you probably understand the adjustments, cleaning, and tired eyes that can come with wearing them. I’ve found very few authors really nail that level of accuracy. Finally, as an author myself, I often see plot twists coming, but this story actually kept me guessing. Twice I thought I had it all figured out, then the author made me guess again, which I truly loved. I recommend reading her historical notes at the end which discuss her research for the story and distinguishing fact from fiction. She also includes a neat guide to real life locations on her website here. I believe there are two more books to this series and you can be sure I will be pre-ordering them.


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March Newsletter – When One Series Becomes Two … and other news from quarantine

Fear not. Life isn’t finished with you yet.

~ From Broken Lines (War Across Waters #1)

Well, my readers, these are certainly crazy times we’re living in. We’re part of a historic moment and whether we consider that good or bad, it is certainly important. Our world has an opportunity before us, just as we do in any historic moment, to learn from what we’ve experienced and come out better for it. It may take time, and it may not be an easy road, but I believe in the end, we will indeed be better. Social media and the internet can be harmful in many ways, but in times like this, it also has the ability to unite us like no other time in history. Quarantine during the influenza of 1918 looked very different than quarantine now, and for that I am thankful. Have hope readers. Humanity is a beautiful species. We will prevail.

Latest News

In between seasonal allergies, homeschooling, and doing our part to social distance, I’m also managing to work on my writing each day. I always say that one hour a day will get the book done and that’s still my motto, even if that hour is broken into ten minute increments. During this time, I’ve been switching between administrative tasks for Broken Lines and outlining the next book, Unsettled Shores. Before the libraries closed, I also managed to check out a rather large stack of research material, which I aim to focus on in the next several months. And lastly, within all of these other tough decisions, I made one more: Hope or High Water is now officially two duologies.

Yes, you read that correctly. One world, two series. So, what exactly does that look like?

Series Outline

As shown above, Across Oceans and Twisted River are now under the series title, Over the Atlantic, while Broken Lines and the forthcoming Unsettled Shores will make up the series, War Across Waters. Based on reader feedback, these books can be read in any order, although several characters do follow through all four books. So, if Across Oceans’ Edwardian England just isn’t to your liking, start in St. Louis with Twisted River. Or if you prefer The Great War on the American home front, wait for Broken Lines, then read the first two as prequels. Take the journey any way you like!

And now is the best time to do so! From now until Easter (April 12), both books are on sale for 50% off ebooks and 25% off paperbacks. Get your copies here: Across Oceans and Twisted River.

Sale Beach

Finally, in case you missed it, last week I released a statement related to COVID-19 and the postponed upcoming release of my third book, Broken Lines. Although this news may be disappointing, newsletter subscribers will still have the opportunity to read the first two chapters on its original release date, April 25. These chapters will not be posted on the website or social media, so make sure to subscribe in order to receive this sneak peek.

Recommended Reads

Looking to add more reading material to your quarantine list? This month, instead of reviewing a new book, I’m going to provide a list of books which I found to be either positive, humorous, and/or uplifting. Because we could all do with a bit of inspiration and a few laughs, could we not?

Also, one of my favorite locally owned independent bookstores, Main Street Books, is currently offering free shipping for all orders placed in the United States. I was not compensated by Main Street Books to endorse their services. I just really love promoting small businesses and the historic district this one is located in. To order from them, visit: https://mainstreetbooks.indielite.org/

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A Letter to My Readers in Response to COVID-19

Dear Readers,

It’s no secret that the Corona Virus has made substantial changes to our lives lately. For some of us, like those in the United States, major disruptions have been within the last week, while our European friends have had a bit more time to see the effects. Those farther East, even more time still. Many schools and businesses have shifted to working from home, leaving parents to not only maintain their daily job tasks, but ensure that their children are adjusting to a virtual learning environment, while still completing other day-to-day responsibilities. Add a sudden cold or bout of seasonal allergies to the mix and one’s schedule just became even more complicated.

This is the new normal that I’m trying to navigate with my own family. In addition, I’m continuing to work on my novels because I truly love writing, and it provides a great stress relief during an otherwise chaotic time. That said, I believe it is also important to provide readers with the highest quality product. While I am currently in final edits for Broken Lines, there are many tasks that come after the actual manuscript is completed which I am uncertain if I can now complete by April 25. In addition, book sales are being de-prioritized by many distributors in favor of more essential household items, a move that is smart and necessary, however, makes marketing a new release difficult. For these reasons, I have decided to postpone the release of Broken Lines until hopefully later this summer.

It pains me to bring this news as I have received so many wonderful comments from my readers about your excitement over Broken Lines. My beta readers also gave me incredible feedback and made the final story even better than I pictured. I truly cannot wait to share it with each and every one of you, and I thank you for your patience during this unexpected time.

To make up for this disappointment, I’m offering a few exclusives to my readers:

Discounted Books! If you haven’t read Across Oceans or Twisted River yet, there’s never been a better time. From now through Easter (April 12), I’m offering 50% off ebooks and 25% off paperbacks. Get your copies here: Across Oceans and Twisted River.

Sneak Peek! On April 25, the original release date for Broken Lines, I will be posting the first two chapters exclusively for newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t already signed up, make sure not to miss out. Simply enter your name and e-mail on the contact page.

Again, I thank you for your continued support!

Kelsey Gietl