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Happy November, readers! I know I usually send my newsletter on the last Friday of the month, but this month, the last Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving. I certainly hope you have better things to do than check your email, so I’m sending my news early. And it’s definitely news you don’t want to miss.

But first, congratulations to Sarah, who was the winner of the Bookstagram Gratitude Giveaway! Thank you to all who entered!

Beta Readers, are you ready?

After another round of edits, the draft of Dusk Shall Weep is FINALLY out with beta readers. At the last minute, my characters decided to change their minds (again) about the final chapter. Seriously, if you’re not a writer, you can’t understand how exhausting characters can be. If you are a writer, then you probably understand why I’m glad to be rid of this draft for a month.

Now, for the update you’ve been waiting for. Just for my newsletter subscribers, I’m revealing the cover, blurb, and pre-order link for Dusk Shall Weep

Fair warning, the book blurb below contains spoilers if you haven’t read For a Noble Purpose.

Only in the darkness can you see the light...

Six months after traveling the trail to Washington Territory, the town of Larksong hasn’t become the utopia the Lark Family imagined. Instead, it’s falling apart, much like recently-widowed Coraline Shay’s life. Due to a degenerative eye disease, her vision is quickly failing. Once she goes completely blind, rather than helping to build Larksong, she’ll become a burden on her already disgruntled sister. To protect them both, Coraline swallows her guilt and devises a plan to trap an honorable man into marriage. Luckily, her chosen target doesn’t believe in divorce.

Jamison Lark always felt called to be a priest, until family obligation drove him west to Washington. He uses his unique Gift as a physician to help the people of Larksong, but his contributions never feel like enough. He can’t shake guilt over his failures, especially the death of his friend Oliver on the trail. When Oliver’s widow professes unexpected affections for him, Jamison’s own feelings for her are overshadowed by his doubts. For the first time, he faces a test of faith he’s not sure he has the strength to pass.

When word arrives of war being waged between the native tribes and the United States Government in nearby Seattle, Coraline and Jamison face challenges which threaten to tear them apart for good. Could this be the end of everything they love, or are their fractured lives more extraordinary than they ever imagined?

The Cover!

Dusk Shall Weep Cover - Front11.9.22

What do you think? The social media cover reveal will be November 29. If you are interested in posting about the reveal, simply reply to this email, and I can provide a few graphics. Or feel free to share my post to your page or stories. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Ready to pre-order? Dusk Shall Weep will be available worldwide on May 2, 2023. Order the eBook direct from my online store and receive a 40% discount over any other retailer! No coupon code needed.

Pre-Order Dusk Shall Weep – Direct from Author

Pre-Order Dusk Shall Weep – Other Retailers

Released in November

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  4. A Class Reunited by Susie Murphy – Book 5 in the Irish romantic saga, A Matter of Class. Each one in the series has been better than the last!
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