Pricing Deals and Errors at Amazon

Historical Fiction with a Dose of Romance and a Dash of Intrigue

Hello, readers!

You may have noticed recent price increases for many independently published paperbacks on Amazon, including For a Noble Purpose. No, authors are not suddenly raising their prices. Rather, Amazon’s customer service informed me that a “widespread technical issue” is causing these price increases and unfortunately, a resolution date is not available. I understand that this change may frustrate you. It frustrates me too. My standard pricing is based on your reader feedback as well as market research, and unexpected price increases affect the overall impression of my novels.

The good news is Amazon is also offering some great deals on my other books! See below for where to currently get the best price for each book. Ebook prices remain at $4.99 on all retailers.

  • For a Noble Purpose (Larksong Legacy #1) – $14.99 through other retailers, $24.61 on Amazon. I am currently out of stock on my website.
  • Unsettled Shores (War Across Waters #2) – $7.86 on Amazon, $14.99 through other retailers
  • Broken Lines (War Across Waters #1) – $14.99 on all retailers and my website
  • Twisted River (Over the Atlantic #2) – $9.99 through my website, $19.19 on Amazon
  • Across Oceans (Over the Atlantic #1) – $6.01 on Amazon, $9.99 on my website

As always, thank you for your support and your understand as we work through these unexpected issues. Hope you have a fantastic week!

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