Happy Release Day to Dusk Shall Weep!


Happy Tuesday, readers! The day is here! Dusk Shall Weep, the second book in the Larksong Legacy series is now available in both paperback and eBook. Keep reading for details on where to purchase and special release day giveaways.

Dusk Shall Weep Launch (13)

What Advance Readers are Saying

“Hit me in a very deep way concerning faith, the power of prayer and ultimately walking in trust with Jesus. Whew! What an experience you have given me in the characters of Jamison and Cora.” ~ Mindy S.

“Engaging and kept me reading hungrily. I was sad to see it end.” ~ Tabitha on Goodreads

“Draws you in immediately and keeps you guessing throughout with the just perfect mix of romance too!” ~ @danielledyannabril on Instagram

“At one climatic moment, I stood in my kitchen with tears streaming down my face. The characters’ heartache had become my own, making their eventual triumph that much sweeter.” ~ Jennifer Q. Hunt, author of Through Thorny Ways

“She deals with the struggles and suffering of life on the frontier, as well as the tenuous relations with the native residents, and the unique nightmare of blindness with grace and skill.” ~ Sarah Everest, editor of B-17: Voices of the Air

Where to Purchase

Ebooks of Dusk Shall Weep are still 40% off on my website through today, May 2. Don’t miss out on this special deal, not available at any other retailer. Price will increase tomorrow, May 3.

Order Signed Paperbacks and eBooks Direct from the Author

Order Unsigned Paperbacks and eBooks from Other Retailers

Many libraries have also been ordering copies of my books. If you’d like to see Dusk Shall Weep at your local library, simply ask your librarian how to request a copy. Common information needed for these requests is listed on my website.

Whichever way you decide to read, I would be grateful if you could post a review on your favorite retailer and/or social media site. Even one sentence is enough. Reviews help authors find new readers, and they help readers find new books they’ll love.


To celebrate the launch of Dusk Shall Weep, I am running three giveaways from now through May 5. These will be posted throughout the day on social media, but links are available to newsletter subscribers now. You may enter once per day.

Giveaway #1 – Inspirational T-shirts from LoveandFaith.com (U.S. Residents only)
Giveaway #2 – Marian Prints from JustLovePrints.com (U.S. Residents only)
Giveaway #3 – International eBook Giveaway (Non-U.S. residents only)


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