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Happy April, readers! I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter season!

Thank you to those who entered the In a Far-Off Land giveaway last month. Congratulations to our winner, Kayli! It was fun seeing what you all considered your favorite classic movies. Gone with the Wind and The Sound of Music tied for first with Little Women in a close second. 

Only 4 Days to Go!

Dusk Shall Weep Launch (2)

Tuesday, May 2, is finally Release Day for the eBook of Dusk Shall Weep! I want to thank those who have already pre-ordered the eBook and purchased copies of the paperback. Plus, an extra thanks to those who have helped promote this story on social media, written reviews, and sent your personal notes of encouragement. It’s wonderful to hear how Coraline and Jamison’s story inspired you personally and helped strengthen your faith journeys. As the Latin “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” says, “For the Greater Glory of God.”

Getting to Know You

Over on Instagram and Facebook, we’ve been getting to know some of Larksong’s residents a little better. Fair warning, if you have not read For a Noble Purpose, the graphics below do contain spoilers.

40   42

44   4648

And here’s an intro to two characters I have not shared on social media. Quea’ Quim and Anwillik are Native American siblings from the Chinook tribe whom you’ll meet for the first time in Dusk Shall Weep. (Note: Quea’ Quim’s photo is not accurate of historical Chinook clothing, but it was difficult to find free stock photos of Native American men.)

50   52

Ebooks of Dusk Shall Weep are still 40% off on my website through release day, May 2. eBooks will be emailed directly to you on release day.

Order Direct from the Author

Order from Other Retailers

Whichever way you decide to read, I would be grateful if you could post a review on your favorite retailer and/or social media site. Reviews help authors find new readers, and they help readers find new books they’ll love.

Release Day Goodies

Make sure to check your inbox and/or social media on Tuesday for details on how to win Release Day Goodies including t-shirts from LoveandFaith.com and a Marian prints package from JustLovePrints.com. Plus, there will be a special eBook giveaway just for my International Readers.

Released in April

Need another read? Here are the April releases I’m excited about:

  1. The Vanishing at Castle Moreau by Jaime Jo Wright – dual-timeline gothic tale about a cursed castle and a century-old mystery
  2. Why Trey Let Me Get Away by Kortney Keisel – sports second chance contemporary rom-com and the first book in her spin-off series to Complete
  3. The Words We Lost by Nicole Deese – inspiring and romantic contemporary story of survival and second chances
  4. When Tomorrow Came by Hannah Linder – Regency romantic suspense about two siblings who, once abandoned, must now find a new meaning of family
  5. The Good Death of Kate Montclair by Daniel McInerny – dark comedic fiction about the journey we all must take from this life to the next

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Book Announcements (9)

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