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Happy October, readers!

This month has been a great for writing. I’ve passed 75% complete in drafting For a Noble Purpose (Larksong Legacy #1) with plans to finish the last 25% by the end of November. Only about 25,000 words to go. Right now my biggest challenge is figuring out how the climactic scene/big reveal will end up. This scene sets the stage for many plot lines throughout the rest of the series, so it’s important to get it right. Thankfully, I have the world’s best beta readers who won’t hesitate to tell me if it goes completely off track. Over the next few months, I plan to provide the back cover blurb, cover reveal, and if all stays to schedule, an official release date for early summer 2022.

Ask Me Anything: Character Edition

While work continues on For a Noble Purpose, I plan to share a series of character introduction posts for Over the Atlantic and War Across Waters. So, tell me, what would you like to see related to my characters? This could include aesthetic photos, fun facts, favorite quotes, etc. Send them over and you may see the answers included. Any answer that involves a major spoiler will not be posted publicly; however, I will reply to you directly. If you do not have social media, I will also provide summary graphics within my newsletters.

Amazing Deal

In case you missed the announcements, Twisted River is still on paperback sale at Amazon for only $5.99! I’m not sure when this sale will end, so make sure to take advantage while it lasts. Sometimes Amazon chooses to mark books down, but the great part for authors is that they covers the loss, not us. Which means, I will still receive my full profit even at the discounted price. It’s a win for me and you! 

What’s the story? After suffering too many tragedies and one enormous betrayal, Reuben Radford and Maggie Archer thought they could put their complicated history behind them in America. But when the past comes to call, they know that nothing will ever be simple again. As secrets are revealed and old wounds opened, one all encompassing question may be their downfall: Which path do you take when the person you are isn’t who you were supposed to be? Twisted River examines the fine line between what makes us and what breaks us, and the happiness we all must find in the most unexpected of places. Note: You do not need to read the first book in the series to enjoy Twisted River.

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The Book Shop

Need a copy of my books? All four can be read on their own or in order of publication. Click the covers below to purchase! Available online in ebook and paperback or by request from your favorite indie bookseller or local library. For book club appearances, contact me here.

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