Friday Fiction Reading Recommendations

Friday Fiction Cover 6-28-2021

Happy Friday, readers! Here are my reading favorites from July through September.

The Good German Girl by Erica Marie Hogan

World War II Historical Fiction

The Good German Girl“We sometimes forget there can be a difference between a German and a Nazi. When it comes to life and death, a gray veil falls across our view of the world. Even our view of people. You reminded me that no matter what country may have fallen under tyranny, there are a courageous few who will fight back if they must.”

Even though it takes place in 1944, I found The Good German Girl to be an incredibly relatable novel. Even today, our world feels like chaos, pitting friends against friends and entire groups denied our love and compassion simply because they do not hold the same beliefs. We’ve been told to reject anything that does not simply fall in line and anyone who questions why should immediately be silenced. But life is more complex than that. There are good people everywhere, those willing to stand up for the truth and protect their fellow man, even in places as horrible as Nazi Germany. We can have a love for our country and a loyalty to its founding principles even when we do not agree with what is going on inside of it. The Good German Girl dives into these aspects of our humanity, what loyalty truly means, and the lengths one person will go to save another, even when that person isn’t like themselves. This was a gritty and emotional read, bringing me to tears at several points, and so beautiful to experience. For more information, visit: Erica Marie Hogan

To Stand in the Breach by Danielle Grandinetti

Great Depression Historical Fiction

Inheritance battles, labor strikes, and a sweet Irish romance to root for ... To Stand in the Breach is the Depression-era tale you won't want to end.New Release October 12!

To Stand in the Breach is a quick read, but packed with action, well-rounded characters, and memorable moments. The story follows Dr. Katy Wells, one of the first female veterinarians in the small town of Eagle, Wisconsin who, although highly intelligent and able to stand with the best in her field, is often underestimated by the dairy farming community. Her best efforts to prove her worth are met with one roadblock after another through labor strikes, an inheritance battle, and navigating her blossoming romance with police officer, Joey Moore. Danielle Grandinetti gives us an introduction to Irish culture in the 1930’s and what it meant to be a female Irish immigrant during that time. Unfortunately, we really only start digging into the depth of these characters when the novella ends, and I’m looking forward to finding out more in the next novel, available April 12, 2022.

Thank you to the author for an advance copy. I was not required to provide a positive review in exchange for a free copy. All opinions expressed are my own. For more information, visit: Danielle Grandinetti

Secrets in the Mist by Morgan L. Busse

Dystopian Steampunk

IMG_4054“We live in a broken world, but we are not overcome by it.”

While I enjoy steampunk and science fiction, I typically prefer to watch rather than read stories about zombies (or the Turned as they are called here). Thankfully, Secrets in the Mist pleasantly surprised me. With its zipper flyers, metal men, and corsets on the outside, it feels like a steampunk novel which met I am Legend combined with a less graphic version of The Walking Dead’s early years. (You know, when the walkers were scary and it wasn’t just about living people brutally killing each other.) I enjoyed that there was a legitimate-and frighteningly relatable-reason for the existence of the Turned and that even in this fantasy world, Morgan L. Busse isn’t afraid to approach real-world topics like the effects of biowarfare, retaining faith in God even in a less than perfect world, and the value of human life in an overpopulated society. The author literally leaves us hanging in mid-air at the end and all I want is to read the next one…right…now. For more information, visit: Morgan L Busse

You Belong with Me and Until I Met You by Tari Faris

Contemporary Romance

Screenshot 2021-09-24 083901Every contemporary romance reader needs to have Tari Faris on your bookshelf. I picked her books up at the library one day, expecting a quick light romance, but they were so much more than I expected. They also contain deeply moving stories about personal wounds, fractured faith, and forgiveness. All of the characters are intertwined in some way whether through family or friendship, but the books can also stand on their own. These are steamy yet Christian romances (yep, it’s a thing) with swoon-worthy yet imperfect couples and happy endings. I don’t read a lot of contemporary romance, but Tari Faris is one of my new favorite authors! The third book in the series, Since You’ve Been Gone, recently released and I have it on my to-read list for next quarter. For more information, visit: Tari Faris

The Rejected King by Kortney Keisel

Dystopian with a Historical Feel

Untitled design (1)If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I am a huge fan of Kortney Keisel. She published four books this year which is amazing in itself, but all of her books are beautifully written as well.

The Rejected King is the first in her Desolation series, but it can be read at any point. I actually read it after finishing Book 2 and 3. Like her other novels, this one contains all the romance and witty banter we’ve come to know and love with a great introduction to the Desolation world. This book can best be summed up as a royalty version of The Bachelor (but so much better) with 50 ladies all vying for the king’s hand and of course, the king falling for his assistant and the one girl he can’t have. For more information, visit: Kortney Keisel

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