July Newsletter – Broken Lines Now Available in Paperback!

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? My apologies with missing out on the June newsletter. Between having the kids home full-time for summer (no camps this year) and the goings on of the world, life simply got away from me. I continue to pray for all my readers that these past months have found you healthy and safe and the coming months will be kind to you.

Latest News

BL Now Available Post

Yes, you read that correctly. Due to popular demand, Broken Lines is now available in paperback! Over the past months, I’ve had so many of you ask me why I don’t have a pre-order available for paperbacks. The short answer was that I print my paperbacks through Amazon’s KDP platform and they do not currently offer a paperback pre-order option. I was going to wait until August 29 to release both versions, but managed to finish my final edits sooner than expected. Therefore, per reader request, the paperback edition of Broken Lines is now available for purchase worldwide! Get your copy at the links below, order via your local independent bookstore, or request a library purchase.

Barnes & Noble (U.S.A. Only)

Amazon U.S.A.

Amazon Canada

Amazon U.K.

Amazon Germany

The ebook version of the Broken Lines can also still be pre-ordered through the links above or through all other major ebook retailers via this link: Pre-Order Now.  The file will be sent directly to your device on August 29.

It also appears that due to COVID, I will not be able to have an in-person signing on publication day, August 29. Hopefully there will still be one before the end of 2020 though!


Recommended Reads

Between finishing edits for Broken Lines and outlining for its sequel, Unsettled Shores, this month was busy on the writing front, which left little time for reading. I did, however, have the privilege of beta reading Tanya E. Williams’s upcoming book, All That Was, which will be released on October 20, 2020. This novel, which I’m dubbing contemporary women’s literature with a historical flair, involves two women, one who can’t confront her ghosts in the present and an actual ghost who can’t let go of the past. Through an old church and a box of diaries, the two women discover all they are through all that was. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and can’t wait to share more information when it becomes available.

And just to give you a taste of what else I’ve picked up for, as Hermione Granger might say, “a bit of light reading,” here is my current research pile for Unsettled Shores. I’m starting out with more broad research on the second half of World War I, then narrowing down to individual topics in order to round out the details. From New York to London to provincial France, I’m so looking forward to crafting the second half of the Broken Lines story for you!


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