Two on Tuesday with Linda Ellen

This week’s guest for the Two on Tuesday author spotlight is sweet historical romance author, Linda Ellen. Known for writing romance rich with history, love, heartache, and real life, her novels include stories from her ‘30’s and 40’s series based on her parents’ romance and life together, to a sweet WWII trilogy packed with history, romance, and humor, to 1870’s proxy brides.

Linda’s Two on Tuesday Facts:

  1. I became an author kind of by accident. I’ve always loved to read and I had even tried my hand at writing an Oregon Trail story in the 1980’s, but gave it up after 200 pages, lol. Around 2009, I had stumbled upon fanfiction for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and for three months I was totally addicted. After exhausting nearly every story I could find, I had an idea for a plot of my own. It was a cute 4-chapter story of Sully and Michaela later on in their marriage, based on a practical joke my husband had done to me early in our marriage. It took off like a rocket. Suddenly, I had fans begging for more, so I ended up writing 28 short stories and 4 full-length novels in DQ fanfic. The last novel is a whopping 65 chapters and has the distinction of having garnered more reviews by far than any other DQ fic. I have fans all over the world who—even after 6 years of no new DQ stories—still beg me for more. After all of the time and work I put into my stories, my husband suggested I write something I could ‘sell’. I started with a story based on my own parents’ tempestuous romance in the 1930’s, and it grew to three books spanning 1937 to 1957 (The first book is titled Once in a While). After that, a WWII trilogy packed with swing music and historical facts, plus as many Burma Shave jokes as I could fit in (not heard of Burma Shave? Oh, you’ve got to read my book Her Blue-Eyed Sergeant and find out what that is!!). My proxy bride books came next, and they are still going strong. I have 11 published titles now. I have so many ideas for new books, but need more hours in the day to write them! Just now, I’m writing a modern-day sequel to my 1870’s award-winning sweet historical romance novel Sweet Love at Honey Landing. And yes, I got the idea from my DQ fanfic days.
  2. I love being able to research something for my books by actually seeing a plot element in person—like when my husband and I were able to get on board an authentic B-17 at our local regional airport for my book Her Blue-Eyed Lieutenant. (See picture below.) What a fun day! The plane was so much smaller inside than I had pictured. It’s amazing that our brave heroes of WWII flew in those aircrafts and survived enemy bullets piercing the outer shell, bombings, and the extreme cold of flying at 20,000 feet! It made me appreciate them even more.

me and steve b-17

Linda is available to connect with readers on Facebook and Twitter. More information on her books and much more can be found at her website:

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