Two on Tuesday with Jenny Knipfer

Jenny Knipfer Title

This week’s guest for the Two on Tuesday author spotlight is Wisconsin Christian historical fiction author, Jenny Knipfer. In her inspirational series, By The Light of The Moon, she creates complex characters and plots through a split timeline and multiple view points. Her characters traverse caverns of emotional pain to reach healing.

Jenny’s Two on Tuesday Facts:

  1. In my first novel, Ruby Moon, I include a recipe for an herbal healing balm. One of my characters in the book is an Ojibwe medicine woman and influences and teaches the main character, Jenay, about herbal medicine and the deep inner healing which can be found. I have always been interested in natural medicine, and it was fulfilling to be able to include a little natural healing wisdom in my first novel.
  2. I started writing my first novel the day I was no longer able to work due to my continuing disability with multiple sclerosis. It has been a challenge for me to write. My hands don’t function well, so I write on my iPad with one or two fingers and edit on my computer. Autocorrect is both a blessing and a curse. 🙃 Sometimes I speak what I want to write with the help of my iPad. Combatting fatigue and muscles which don’t function correctly is a daily battle. In my second novel, Blue Moon, I highlighted multiples sclerosis through one of my characters and wrote about what I know. I hope it brings awareness to a disease that many people live with.

Jenny is available to connect with readers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. More information on Jenny’s books can be found at:

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