August Newsletter – Prepping for PennedCon and A Man Called Smith

Fear and Love are so similar. We can do some indescribably regrettable things due to either.

~ From Twisted River (Hope or High Water Book 2)

IMG_0974It feels like this summer flew by, doesn’t it? Much of my time this month has been spent getting back into the swing of regular school days and the excitement of matron of honor duties for my friend’s upcoming wedding. For part of her bachelorette party, we painted wooden signs, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Latest News

The writing life is … well, the writing life. Exciting and frustrating in all the best ways.

You know that feeling when you have a solution to a problem, but for the life of you can’t get your brain to tell you what it is? That’s been me this month working on the final climactic outline for Broken Lines. I have about four different ways that the novel might go and none of my characters are telling me which one to use. Instead, an unrelated character shuffled in and suggested quite calmly, “Maybe you could let me speak once in awhile. Just a thought.” As a result, four new chapters were added and I discovered some brilliant research that will be perfect for Book #4. I still don’t have the initial problem resolved, but my character’s suggestion gave the story the unexpected boost it needed. Hopefully by next month’s newsletter, my other outlining questions will all be answered.

When not reprimanding my characters, I’ve been preparing for the upcoming book conference, PennedCon, on September 12-14, 2019 at the Red Lion Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. I will be signing books with all those authors listed below, so if you’re looking for a lot of reading material in one place, grab a ticket and come join us! I designed some fun new free swag items, so swing by my table in the Colannade Ballroom to pick up a couple and say hi. If you haven’t read my books yet, grab them at a two-book paperback bundle discount, and ebook readers, I also have signed swag just for you.


Last but not least, interested in attending for FREE? I have two more tickets that I’m looking to give away which include entry on Friday and Saturday plus the Red Coat PR party on Friday night. First person to comment or send me a note via the contact page wins!

Recommended Reads

Man Called SmithA Man Called Smith by Tanya E. Williams was my most anticipated read of the summer and left me with so many mixed emotions. The story begins with the aftermath of John Smith losing his beloved first wife, Violet, and quickly escalates through his time married to the heinous and conniving Bernice. Due to horrors witnessed in World War II, he has become a man bent on avoiding personal conflict, most often at the cost of his children’s happiness. As a result, his sixteen-year-old daughter, Calla, spends life planning for the day when she can escape and build a better life. But when that day finally arrives, it results in a question with no perfect answers and no turning back.

I can almost guarantee that at some point this book will leave you in an emotional puddle on the floor. At least it did to me. Throughout the story, you’re rooting for John, praying that he’ll pull his life together and save what’s left of their family. You’re rooting for Calla that she’ll finally find the love she’s always longed for and a place to call home. You’re rooting for the belief that, no matter how far gone life seems, we all have an opportunity to rise from the ashes. It is an experience as hopeful as it is heartbreaking, right up until the novel’s moving final chapters. Definitely Ms. Williams best work yet.

Although this novel is the third in a trilogy, it can be enjoyed as a standalone. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend reading the first two books as it will give you a full perspective on the Smith family and the choices they make. My reviews on the first two novels can be found here: Becoming Mrs. Smith and Stealing Mr. Smith.

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Upcoming Events

Do you know of an organization, book club, fair, coffee shop, book store, etc. that would be interested in hosting an author talk, book signing, or needs an event speaker? I’m working on my schedule for the upcoming year and would love to meet some new faces! If so, send me a note via the contact page.

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