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Happy August, readers! The kids are back in school and I am spending my days listening to the soothing sound of silence (and the dog barking, but she’s cute, so I can overlook that.) The end of August also means that we’ve reached the deadline I mentioned in my last newsletter. I promised if I finished drafting Dusk Shall Weep by the end of August, I would set a release date. The question is, did I reach my goal?

The verdict is…

I am only 75% finished drafting, but I decided to pick a release day anyway. Having a set schedule provides motivation, especially now that we’re back in the swing of school activities. With that said, Dusk Shall Weep will be available on…

May 2, 2023

You may be asking, “But, Kelsey, that’s over eight months from now. Why so long?” The answer is that, even with indie publishing, there are many boxes to check before a book enters the world. Here’s a simplified version of the task list:

  • Finish writing.
  • Edit.
  • Receive beta reader feedback.
  • Edit again.
  • Design the cover and the interior page layout.
  • Create launch team information and shareable graphics.
  • Post repeatedly on social media and wish there was an easier way to market.
  • Take off most of December so I can enjoy Christmas and family time.
  • Remember things I forgot and make more edits even though I’m supposed to be “off most of December.”
  • Fight with the distribution sites over whether my margins are correct even though I used their templates.
  • Print a proof and often realize that the colors are off. Make updates and try again.
  • Edit one final time. (Eventually, you just have to stop yourself.)
  • Distribute Advance Reader Copies (ARCs).
  • Organize launch day reviews, book signings, and/or activities.
  • Send your book baby out into the world and start the next one!

There you have it. The publication process in 15 easy steps! Did you know there was so much to it?

My Current Inspiration

Have you ever visited the Pacific Northwest? My Dusk Shall Weep characters  currently reside in Washington State, and seriously, how stunning are these scenes? It’s definitely on my list of places to visit someday.

johannes-plenio-RwHv7LgeC7s-unsplashryan-stone-Gxn--Ps8wZM-unsplashPhotos from Upstock. Top to Bottom: Johannes Pleino, Ryan Stone



Released in August

Need another read? Here are the August releases I’m excited about:

  1. Blood Secrets by Morgan L. Busse – Steampunk Dystopian with Zombies
  2. Complete by Kortney Keisel – Stuck in the Friend Zone Rom-Com
  3. Meant to Bee by Storm Shultz – Single mom and Hunky Irishman fall in love over a rampant goat and a few thousand bees
  4. Treacherous by Susan Laspe – Percy Jackson meets Narnia in 14th Century England
  5. Welcome to the Hamilton by Tanya E. Williams – Desperate times call for desperate measures in an opulent 1920s hotel

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Book Sale

The overstock sale is still going! You can get paperback copies of my Over the Atlantic series in my direct store for $9.99 or both books for only $18. This deal does not apply at other retailers and is only available to U.S. residents.

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