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Happy April, readers! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter! I enjoyed time with family celebrating Jesus’s resurrection, a birthday party, and welcoming a new member into our church community. If you’re Catholic like me, the Easter season continues until Pentecost on June 5, so my family’s celebrations will continue all month long.

And speaking of things to celebrate…

For a Noble Purpose is Complete!


There are less than 5 weeks until the release of For a Noble Purpose and I can happily say that it is completely finished and ready for my launch team to review. They’ll be receiving their copies soon, but I want to give an advanced thank you to the many readers who have already been posting about the release on social media. I am so very grateful for your support!

Which leads to another reason to celebrate…

Book 2 is Already Underway!


Now that For a Noble Purpose only has a few last administrative and marketing tasks to tie up, it’s time to focus on the next book in the Larksong Legacy series, Dusk Shall Weep. At this point, the outline is done and about 15% of the book is drafted. My ambitious goal is to finished drafting by early fall for a winter 2023 release date.

Since it’s rude to include too much information when For a Noble Purpose isn’t even out yet, I’ve included a photo by I.Am_Nah on Unsplash which encompasses some of the mood experienced in the story. The book begins in 1853 on the Southern Washington coast with a tale of pioneer hardships, romance, and secrets. Two of the characters from For a Noble Purpose lead the tale, but the question is, who are they?

And finally, our last reason to celebrate…

Paperback Pre-Orders and Direct Buys are Here!


Over the past two years, during a time when we couldn’t hold in-person book signings,  so many of you asked me how to pre-order paperbacks and how to buy copies directly from me. So, I took some time and looked into possible options for offering you exactly that.

Good news! I now offer the ability to purchase pre-orders, eBooks, paperbacks, and discounted book bundles through my online store, all with free shipping for U.S. residents. (Sadly, shipping to Canada and Europe is about $30USD for one book.) Plus, all future promotions will now be reserved just for my newsletter subscribers, using coupon codes posted only in my newsletter.

To celebrate the launch of For a Noble Purpose on June 7, 2022, you can get 10% off everything on the site using the code Larksong10 at checkout. This includes the already discounted eBook pre-order price, a deal not available on other retail sites. Price will increase after launch on June 7, so make sure to snag this deal while it lasts.

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