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Happy March, readers! This month, you may have noticed my sudden lack of social media posts after posting nearly every day for months. With all the craziness in life – and a nudge from our parish priest’s homily – I decided to stop posting during Lent to allow myself time to reflect. For Christian Fiction authors, marketing is a delicate balance. We obviously want to sell books, we want people to enjoy them, and good reviews and social media engagement are absolutely key to achieving that. Yet, at the same time, our true purpose shouldn’t be the applause of our audience, but bringing them hope and faith, honoring God rather than ourselves.

What I Will Be Posting

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While I won’t be posting on my own social media pages, I will continue to support my fellow writers by sharing their stories. On March 28 at 8pm EST / 7pm CST, I will be hosting an Instagram Live Q&A with Kimberly Duffy for the @faithandfictionbookclub quarterly read. We will discuss her book, A Tapestry of Light, a beautiful story mixing 1880’s Indian and British influences within a tale of love, family, and faith. Q&A is open to all.

I’d also like to congratulate B.M. Baker on her book, The Trumpeter’s Forever Promise, which launches today! I am really looking forward to reading this modern-day marriage of convenience story.

Lastly, in April, I will have the honor of beta reading for Jennifer Q. Hunt, Susan Laspe, and Tanya E. Williams. Their new books will release later this summer/fall, so now is a great time to pick up their back list.

For a Noble Purpose Cover Update

Launch Team Applications (3)

After it was brought to my attention that the model on my cover didn’t have a face (whoops!), I did another evaluation of the entire cover. The feel is the same, but with a few changes. Other than giving her a face, her skirt is fuller, the bottom embellishment is now blue, the words have been given a little pop, and Hawthorn blossoms were added to her hair (in honor of her hometown, Hawthorn Ridge). Many, many thanks to my beta readers and Christian Mommy Writers group who provided initial feedback. Now, it’s your turn. What do you think of the changes?

Last Chance! – For a Noble Purpose Launch Team

Want to read For a Noble Purpose before its release on June 7, 2022? Applications for my launch and influencer teams close on April 1. There are two available teams: one for those willing to read and review and one for those without time to review, but would still like to post about the release. Advance copies will be sent to launch team members after May 1.

Apply to the Launch Team

Or if you’d rather skip the launch team and just read the book, you can pre-order below:

Pre-Order For a Noble Purpose

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