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Happy January, readers! A new year and new series means it’s time for a new website! Or rather a website refresh. As you navigate the site, you’ll now notice an updated color and font scheme as well as new layout on many of my book pages. Let me know your thoughts!

Go Behind the Scenes with Reader Extras

Over the past few months, I’ve posted character introductions for both the Over the Atlantic and War Across Waters series. If you missed any, head over to Instagram or Facebook to catch up. Each post includes aesthetic photos plus key (spoiler free) details for each of the main characters. Here are the posts for the main characters from my most recent WWI release, Unsettled Shores.

Amara Main aesthetic pic   Emil Main aesthetic pic

Josie Main aesthetic pic   Peter Main aesthetic pic

As part of my website refresh, I’ve also added a new “Extras” section. This section has a link to Aesthetic Photos, Book-Inspired playlists, and coming soon, historical links to my favorite research sites. I’ve heard from a few readers that certain songs remind them of specific characters, so please let me know yours and I’ll add them to the playlists! Also, tell me if there’s any other extras you’d like me to consider for future updates!

Start Your Behind the Scenes Experience


For a Noble Purpose Launch Team Applications

Launch Team Applications

For a Noble Purpose is with beta readers, so it’s time for me to switch hats once again from writer to editor to business manager. Being an independent author means being tasked with marketing your own work, which is where you, my readers, can make all the difference.

For the launch of For a Noble Purpose, I am compiling a team of bookstagrammers, book bloggers, and other influencers excited to help post and review for the release on June 7, 2022. There are two available teams: one for those willing to read and review and one for those without time to review, but would still like to post about the release. Further details are available on the application, available on my website below:

Apply to the Launch Team


The Book Shop

Need a copy of my books? All are available online in ebook and paperback or by request from your favorite indie bookseller or local library. For book club appearances, contact me here.

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