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Friday Fiction Cover 6-28-2021

Happy Friday, readers! If it is starting to feel like the structure of my reading recommendations is changing with every newsletter lately, that’s because it has been. One of the great things about managing your own newsletter is being able to change it based on reader feedback. When one element doesn’t work as expected, you can try another. Therefore, I’ve made a few more – and hopefully final – changes to the Friday Fiction newsletter.

  1. You’ll notice I’ve updated the overall look to match my monthly newsletter and my author website.
  2. The Friday Fiction newsletter will now be provided in e-mail quarterly, rather than monthly. However, if you prefer more frequent recommendations, I will also post these same reviews on Instagram, Goodreads, and BookBub after finishing each book.
  3. Reviews will be shorter, providing only my thoughts without a full synopsis. A link to the author’s website will be provided for more information.

Now on to the reviews!

Dreams of Savannah by Roseanna M. White

American Civil War

img_3652Dreams of Savannah is a beautifully written standalone novel of the Deep South during the Civil War. While the primary plotline revolves around the romance between a Confederate soldier and a Southern Belle, the story was so much deeper than that. The author addresses the economic, societal, and racial considerations behind the Confederate secession, approaching sensitive subjects like slavery and religion with grace and thoughtful consideration. Every character within the novel had strong convictions and no matter their leanings, I found them to be well-rounded and believable given the historical context. I also learned many new facts about the time period which had me researching online to find out if they were true (they were!). Make sure not to skip the author’s note at the end where Rosanna M. White discusses her unique perspective from living in West Virginia, a state considered by many to be both in the North and the South. For more information, visit: Roseanna M. White

The Stolen Princess by Kortney Keisel

Dystopian with a Historical Feel

IMG_3667Kortney Keisel’s books are labeled “dystopian,” but they’re not the usual post-apocalyptic reads that you might be used to. Her novels read like a perfect blend of historical fiction, fantasy, and dystopian with some amazingly witty dialogue thrown in. If you’ve read The Promised Prince (which you should before reading The Stolen Princess), you’ll get to see into the inner workings of Drake Vestry, Prince Ezra’s commander from Albion, plus meet Princess Myka, a new feisty character and the daughter of the king of Tolsten. There’s political intrigue, a royal kidnapping, slow burn romance, and a brilliant twist ending that will make you demand to read the next one (which is coming out in September 2021!). For more information, visit: Kortney Keisel

Shadows of the White City by Jocelyn Green

1893 Chicago world’s fair

IMG_3655Jocelyn Green’s latest inspirational historical, Shadows of the White City, does not disappoint. This is the second book in her Windy City Saga, and it is such a delight getting to see how Meg and Sylvie have grown since the first one and also meeting some exciting new characters in Kristof and Rose. Jocelyn Green brings such excitement with the setting of The Chicago World’s Fair and you can definitely tell she’s done her research. All her books are an immersive historical experience. I would recommend starting this series with book 1, Veiled in Smoke, which takes place during and after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. For more information, visit: Jocelyn Green

Great Waters by Jennifer Q. Hunt

Roaring Twenties/Great Depression America

Screenshot 2021-06-24 071223Great Waters is a beautiful novel of not only what it means to fall in love, but how to stay in love and stay faithful when the rose-colored glasses come off and everything crumbles beneath you. I loved the raw, rich, and real emotions that Jennifer Q. Hunt shows in every aspect of her characters from the young love of our leads, Russell and Katie, to the more seasoned (but no less complex) marriages of their siblings and friends. There are some tough topics discussed including spousal abuse, depression, and pregnancy loss that are all handled with a tender understanding and grace. Even if you don’t normally read historical fiction, the themes of this novel are worth considering. For more information, visit: Jennifer Q. Hunt

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