December Newsletter – 2020 in Review


Well, readers, we made it! Tomorrow marks the first day of 2021 and the end of 2020. This year has been unlike any other in living history with too many unusual and crazy events to even begin to list. Despite the tough times, however, there was a lot of good in 2020 as well. I witnessed how neighbors stepped up to help one another, often giving their time, talent, and treasure when they doubted they had enough to give. 2020 forced us to look at life in a different way and find the good in every day, even when we might not feel like getting out of bed in the morning. I have these days too. I understand how the uncertainty and anxiety can feel so overwhelming. In those times we do as Anna did in Frozen 2: “Just do the next right thing.” One step at a time, we get through it, and we get through it together.

From a writing perspective, 2020 actually ended up being a great year. I wasn’t able to have any in-person book signings, so it meant finding other ways to engage. I organized my first virtual book tour with 22 participants, led my first Facebook takeover with American Historical Novels, hosted the Two on Tuesday Author Spotlight program, joined Instagram and MeWe, published my third novel in August, nearly finished drafting my fourth (Est. Early Fall 2021), and began the outline for my fifth (Est. Winter 2022). Through social media and newsletter engagement, I made some wonderful new author and reader friends and had the opportunity to talk to folks from all over the world. Based on some of these interactions, I’m also making a change for my newsletter starting in January 2021. I will be splitting my updates into two. Updates related to my own books, events, and giveaways will continue to be available at the end of each month, while book reviews and giveaways for other authors will be available mid-month. 

January 15th will be the first edition of the monthly Friday Fiction newsletter, featuring two of my 2020 5-star reads: Silver Moon by Jenny Knipfer and Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green.

So tell me, what were some of your best accomplishments and/or favorite reads of 2020 (my favorites are listed below)? I want to hear all the good things that happened to you this year! Wishing you all health and blessings in 2021!

2020 Reading Review

2020 was a great year for reading! 5-Star indicates a book I absolutely loved, couldn’t put down, and would possibly read again. 4-Star indicates a book that I highly enjoyed and would definitely recommend, but probably wouldn’t read again. Many of these novels also have a review posted in either a past newsletter or on Goodreads.

2020 Covers - 5 star

2020 Covers - 4 star

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Need a copy of any of the books? All three can be read on their own or in order of publication. Click the photo below to grab your copy!


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