September Newsletter – Two Giveaways!

It’s officially fall (or autumn depending on which you prefer) here in Missouri which means the days are getting cooler, unfortunately also shorter, and the leaves are starting to show their lovely colors. I know some of you have already experienced snow, others are still seeing hot temperatures, and those on the west coast of the U.S.A. and Canada are just trying to brave through another round of forest fires and smoke clouds. Whatever you are living through right now, know that as always my prayers are with you for a safe and healthy month ahead.

Latest News

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been almost a month since the e-book release of my World War I novel, Broken Lines.  I would like to thank each and every one of you who pre-ordered and purchased. If you would be willing to write a review, I would be extremely appreciative. With a wealth of books on the market, reviews are so important to an author in finding the right readers and ensuring that readers find books they’ll enjoy. Even one or two lines makes a big difference!

In other news, I have been diligently working on Unsettled Shores, having completed about 30% of the first draft. My hope is to complete the first draft by the end of December, push out to beta readers around March and be able to publish some time in the fall of 2021. This schedule is tentative and I will provide updates to the timeline as they are available. This book is proving to be my favorite yet with several exciting new characters, multiple settings, a double romance, and even more intrigue, so stay tuned!

Also, if you missed last month’s newsletter, to celebrate the launch of Broken Lines, I am giving away five e-book copies and one signed paperback copy. To enter, simply complete the entry form at the link below by September 28.  Full giveaway rules are listed on the giveaway page. 
BL Giveaway

Enter the “Broken Lines” Giveaway Here

Recommended Reads


Susie Murphy’s A Matter of Class Irish historical saga series is a fantastic example of why a reader shouldn’t discount an author based on one book alone. When A Class Apart released in 2018, I had been following Susie Murphy for a few months online and decided to pick it up. Although the middle was a little slow, I loved learning about the Irish setting and the characters were well-rounded and immersive. The two main characters, Bridget and Cormac, come from opposite sides of the class divide: he a stable hand and she the lady of the estate where he’s employed. I was rooting for them from the minute Bridget told us how they met as children in the orchard and carved their names in a tree. And then it ended on a cliffhanger …

Wanting to know what happened to the characters, I picked up A Class Entwined and it was five times better than the first one. If you haven’t read the first book and don’t want spoilers, stop reading now. ……… After being torn apart, Bridget is trapped in a loveless marriage and Cormac has been banished from the estate, forced to participate in unspeakable means in order to keep himself out of poverty. Book two was so much grittier, the emotions more raw, and the characters gained a new depth we don’t see in the first one. They’ve seen how harsh life can be and are muddling through it, never expecting to find happiness or each other again. Despite the more somber nature of this novel, it does have a happy ending (and a few twists I wasn’t expecting) and will suck you back in for book three.

By the time A Class Forsaken released, I ordered it right away, finished it in only a few days, and wished I didn’t have to wait so long for the next one. A Class Forsaken takes us farther into the background of both Bridget and Cormac’s families and provides a stronger look at some of the Irish politics that were occurring between the lower class and the aristocracy during that time. Susie Murphy immerses the reader in vivid descriptions of the streets of Dublin, the Irish countryside, and one particularly tragic house fire where I could feel the heat on my face. I loved the hopeful ending and am very excited for book four. There will be six books in all. Normally, I’m not a fan of starting a series when there’s a long stretch of time before it will be finished, but trust me, this series is well worth reading as they’re released.

Also, this month only, Susie Murphy is providing an opportunity to win one paperback copy of the winner’s choice. To enter, simply complete the entry form at the link below by October 28.  Full giveaway rules are listed on the giveaway page.

Enter the “A Matter of Class” Giveaway Here

Content note: This series does contain profanity, brief open door sex scenes, and some violent episodes. I personally felt these were not excessive, tastefully done, and made sense within the context of the story. Each reader has a different level of acceptable content, however, and must decide for themselves.

Books reviewed above were not provided by the author and a positive review was not solicited or required. All opinions expressed are my own. The giveaway copy will be provided directly from Susie Murphy.

Upcoming Events

Broken Lines is going on virtual book tour! During the month of November, various book bloggers and bookstagrammers will be posting their photos and reviews of Broken Lines. Some will also be including author interviews and giveaways. A full list of tour stops is included below with links. Instagram or Blog are linked; however, many tour stops will also participate on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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Share the Book Love

Read it? Loved it? Tell others by writing a review!

Need a copy of any of the books? All three can be read on their own or in order of publication. Click the photo below to grab your copy!


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