May Newsletter – New Release Date!

Whew, another month has passed in our crazy world, and it seemed as busy as ever. As always, I continue to pray that this newsletter finds you and your families well.

Latest News

Broken Lines Cover - Final 4-25-2020 ebookLast month I mentioned how the proof copy of Broken Lines didn’t print exactly as I expected, requiring some additional color manipulations. In the process of doing so, however, I came across another version of my cover model that I felt fit the book’s main character even better. After swapping out the main photograph, touching up the background, and lightening the color, I now have the end result you see here. I hope you like the updates as much as I do.

In even more exciting news, Broken Lines has a new worldwide release date of August 29, 2020! The first book in the War Across Waters duology can be pre-ordered through all major ebook retailers via this link: Pre-Order Now. It will also be available in paperback format both online and (hopefully) at an in-person launch party. More details to come.

And for those of you who prefer not to purchase paperbacks through Amazon, I have good news. I recently upgraded all of my novels to Expanded Distribution, making it possible to purchase Across Oceans and Twisted River in paperback from Barnes & Noble online, order through independent bookstores, and request for purchase from your local library.

Recommended Reads

AndieNewton2One of the key questions authors often ask while marketing is, “How effective is social media at drawing in new readers?” Well, for me, I would say highly effective. Andie Newton is one of several authors I have purchased books from after following them on social media and luckily, her novel was worth taking a chance on.

The Girl I Left Behind tells the story of Ella Strauss, a young woman who works as a secretary for the Nazi government all the while stealing secrets in hopes of helping the resistance and saving her captured friend. At its heart, it’s both a spy novel and a coming of age story, and certainly an emotional read, especially at the end. Ella very much leaves her girlhood behind, trusting the best – and worst – people of her country in pursuit of what she believes to be right, even while the world around her tells a different story. Many of the World War II novels I’ve read lately have focused on British or American spies, so it was intriguing to read a novel that focused on Germans  instead, especially when they would have been raised from children to believe everything the Nazi party proclaimed as truth. My only complaint was I felt a few characters’ stories were left slightly open-ended, although I know that is one of the unfortunate realities of war – sometimes not knowing where people ended up. I’m hoping though that perhaps it actually means a sequel is forthcoming? (*Hint, hint, Ms. Newton.)

For more information on Andie’s books, visit:

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