March Newsletter – When One Series Becomes Two … and other news from quarantine

Fear not. Life isn’t finished with you yet.

~ From Broken Lines (War Across Waters #1)

Well, my readers, these are certainly crazy times we’re living in. We’re part of a historic moment and whether we consider that good or bad, it is certainly important. Our world has an opportunity before us, just as we do in any historic moment, to learn from what we’ve experienced and come out better for it. It may take time, and it may not be an easy road, but I believe in the end, we will indeed be better. Social media and the internet can be harmful in many ways, but in times like this, it also has the ability to unite us like no other time in history. Quarantine during the influenza of 1918 looked very different than quarantine now, and for that I am thankful. Have hope readers. Humanity is a beautiful species. We will prevail.

Latest News

In between seasonal allergies, homeschooling, and doing our part to social distance, I’m also managing to work on my writing each day. I always say that one hour a day will get the book done and that’s still my motto, even if that hour is broken into ten minute increments. During this time, I’ve been switching between administrative tasks for Broken Lines and outlining the next book, Unsettled Shores. Before the libraries closed, I also managed to check out a rather large stack of research material, which I aim to focus on in the next several months. And lastly, within all of these other tough decisions, I made one more: Hope or High Water is now officially two duologies.

Yes, you read that correctly. One world, two series. So, what exactly does that look like?

Series Outline

As shown above, Across Oceans and Twisted River are now under the series title, Over the Atlantic, while Broken Lines and the forthcoming Unsettled Shores will make up the series, War Across Waters. Based on reader feedback, these books can be read in any order, although several characters do follow through all four books. So, if Across Oceans’ Edwardian England just isn’t to your liking, start in St. Louis with Twisted River. Or if you prefer The Great War on the American home front, wait for Broken Lines, then read the first two as prequels. Take the journey any way you like!

And now is the best time to do so! From now until Easter (April 12), both books are on sale for 50% off ebooks and 25% off paperbacks. Get your copies here: Across Oceans and Twisted River.

Sale Beach

Finally, in case you missed it, last week I released a statement related to COVID-19 and the postponed upcoming release of my third book, Broken Lines. Although this news may be disappointing, newsletter subscribers will still have the opportunity to read the first two chapters on its original release date, April 25. These chapters will not be posted on the website or social media, so make sure to subscribe in order to receive this sneak peek.

Recommended Reads

Looking to add more reading material to your quarantine list? This month, instead of reviewing a new book, I’m going to provide a list of books which I found to be either positive, humorous, and/or uplifting. Because we could all do with a bit of inspiration and a few laughs, could we not?

Also, one of my favorite locally owned independent bookstores, Main Street Books, is currently offering free shipping for all orders placed in the United States. I was not compensated by Main Street Books to endorse their services. I just really love promoting small businesses and the historic district this one is located in. To order from them, visit:

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