Book Launch this Weekend!

Well, readers, it’s almost here. Only one day until the official launch of my second book, Twisted River. I loved crafting the second half of the Across Oceans story and am truly thrilled and honored to be able to share it with you. While it holds the same charm as Across Oceans, in many ways I believeContinue reading “Book Launch this Weekend!”

Launch Day – Across Oceans

It’s finally here! I’m so excited to share that my novel, Across Oceans, is now available in the online stores listed below: Amazon (USA) – Amazon (Canada) – Amazon (UK) –… Amazon (Germany) – Barnes & Noble – iBooks – Kobo – Large Print (USA) – LargeContinue reading “Launch Day – Across Oceans”

Dare to Fail

There’s something so beautiful about fireworks: the kaleidoscope of color, each boom’s heart-stopping thrill, and the emotion they convey when displayed against a well-chosen soundtrack. At the same time, they can be terrifying. One misplaced fuse, one ill-timed action, and everything will, quite literally, go up in smoke. Standing on the edge of achieving aContinue reading “Dare to Fail”