Two on Tuesday with Pat Wahler

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This week’s guest for the Two on Tuesday author spotlight is fellow Missourian and historical fiction author, Pat Wahler. Based on the notorious outlaw, her novel, I am Mrs. Jesse James, features the tagline, “For Jesse James, the bloody Civil War will never be over. For the woman who will become his wife, the war is only beginning.”

Pat’s Two on Tuesday Facts:

  1. The plight of homeless animals has always been one of my passions. I’ve served on the board of a local shelter and have fostered both cats and dogs. I even played midwife and helped to deliver a litter of six kittens! Not surprisingly, this interest in animals has worked its way into my books, where you’ll typically find a four-legged critter in the story—be it horse, dog, or cat. After all, I do work under the close supervision of a Peke-a-poo named Winston, who heads the marketing department and co-attends all Zoom meetings. Second in command is my tabby cat, Bogey, who oversees preliminary edits for my books (see photos below). Does it surprise you to learn they are both rescues?
  2. I am hopelessly addicted to research. Just like Alice, I have no trouble tumbling down the rabbit hole to verify when women abandoned hoop skirts, only to later realize I’ve spent four hours viewing dresses in Godey’s Lady’s Book. I suspect a loving but firm intervention would be appropriate.

I am Mrs. Jesse James is currently on $1.99 ebook sale now through July 2020. Pat is available to connect with readers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bookbub, Goodreads, and Pinterest. More information on Pat’s books can be found at:

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