Library Love

Hello! I’m Kelsey Gietl, author of five historical fiction novels spanning from the 1850s to World War I. Combining Christian faith, family, and lessons from our past, my books provide inspirational stories of hope, redemption, and realistic romance.

Want to see my historical fiction novels on your library’s shelves? Did you know that, as a patron and taxpayer, you can suggest books for your public library’s permanent collection? 


1) Copy book information listed in the links in the next section below.

2) Bring the information with you on your next library trip.

3) Say to your friendly librarian, “May I request [wonderful book] for your collection, please?”

4) Provide the book information.

5) With prayer and a little luck, the library will take up your suggestion!

Alternatively, check the library’s website for an online request form.


For a Noble Purpose – 1850s Speculative Historical Fiction
Broken Lines and Unsettled Shores – World War I Historical Fiction
Across Oceans and Twisted River – 1910s Historical Fiction