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Larksong Legacy

A new historical fiction series set in the 1850’s Pacific Northwest

Book 1 Estimated Publication Fall 2022

I don’t like to give too much away too soon in case plot points change, but here’s what I can tell you:

Book 1 follows the descendants of two very different plantation families, Tobias Lark and Sarah Walcott, who each possess special “Gifts.” Apart, their talents lead to isolation; however, together, they may be exactly the answer the other one most needs. Along with numerous secondary characters, Tobias and Sarah head west towards Washington in search of an escape, a community of acceptance, and a place to call home. Unfortunately, who you are isn’t always something you can simply leave behind.

Each book in the planned five-book series will focus on a different one of the Lark brothers – Daniel, Tobias, Garrett, Jamison, and Cade – alongside a strong female lead, weaving their individual stories into the overall tale of their family’s unusual legacy.

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